Slitting Line

slitting (Medium)

We offers Slitting Lines for Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled steel strip to produce high quality of slit strips. These lines are of various designs to suit customer’s requirements in terms of automation level, flexibility of operations and production capacity.
The capacity of these lines ranges from 300 mm to 1550 mm width and 1.0 mm to 7.1 mm thickness and coil weight up to 35 M Tons. Hi Tech Engineers Slitting Lines produce superior quality of Slit coils with high productivity.


  1. Automatic operation.
  2. Pit/Floor mounted coil cars.
  3. Cone/Wedge type recoiler drum.
  4. Two/Four arm capston.
Technical Specification of Slitting Line
Model Sheet Thickness Steel Sheet Width Coil weight  Line Speed
SLT-16 0.3-2.0 600-1250 5-10 0-150 m/min
SLT-18 0.4-3.0 600-1250 10-20 0-150 m/min
SLT-25 0.8-0.6 600-1550 10-25 0-100 m/min
SLT-35 1.5-12 600-1750 20-35 0-100 m/min