Tube Straightening Machine & Turks Head*


Straightening Machine

Our straightening machine are of CROSS ROLL design and the principal of straightening is of rotary and deflection pressure.It’s of 6 roll design machine with high degree of accuracy level to 1:1000 to 1:3000mm. Our range of production is form outer dia 6mm to 114.3mm.

Turks Head

Our Turks head machine design for higher size & higher thickness,four roll type 360 degree rotated,block movement through sleeve threaded screw. X & Y Axis movement by screw jack with the help of Geared Motor.

Technical Specification of Tube Straightening Machine & Turks Head

Model  range( mm )  Lenght ( mm )  Speed ( m/min )  Space Required ( WXHXL (m³))
ST-40  9.5mm-38.1mm  3m-7m  20m-60 m/min  2×1.5×16
ST-100  50.8mm-114.3mm  3m-7m  20m-35m/min  2.2×1.5×16