Tube Forming Rolls & Tooling*


Care As Heart

Our Roll design starts with design of individual forming steps follows flower pattern ( w-forming ) and roll passes along with stress strain pattern customized to the client tube mill of who is interested in early validation of roll forming,section dimensional accuracy.

roll form

The Fact 

Forming occurs not only at the direct points contact between tool and work piece,but also in the region ahead of the roll tool.Point on the strip edge travel further than point in the middle of the strip.This produces strain whose maximum,in most cases,lies in the region of the  strip edge.Such strain  can lead to process-specific problem like strip edge waviness or induced by plastic strip edge strain.The definition of the Forming geometry,i.e.the tool design,must be aimed at preventing or least minimizing this residual stress.


Raw Material

May what for it is, Quality of the raw material is key. We adapt the standard selection,inspection and testing procedure in mechanical properties,chemical composition. Ultrasonic testing,spectrum analysis,yield analysis are employed to confirm stringent standards of quality.

Our machine process through CNC machine with advance technology in adapting the tool validation system and control to deepest accuracy in dimension and finish.


Money Saved Is Money Earned

Our design expertise in reducing the load on forming process( w forming ) and avoiding the need of forming load by stress stain analysis.Save power,save cost,save nation.
The special process of attaining and maintaining metallurgical characteristics for the long life of rolls and control the roll changing cycle.Increase productivity save cost.