Tube Finishing Equipments

Our range of products include Finishing Line Equipment such as Threading Machine, Straightening Machine and End Facing Machine.

Straightening Machine

The Driven Cross Roll Series Tube Straightening Machines offered by us are designed to handle tubes of outer dia from 6 mm. to 170 mm. in different models. These machines are based on well proven rotary pressure and deflection principle of straightening, which gives very high degree of straightness ranging 1 mm. to 0.3 mm. in 1000 mm. The rolls are mounted in pairs and are driven.

End Facing Machine

Type : On line / Off line cam operated with OD/ID bevelling and end facing Operation : Automatic PLC Control/Push Button Control Range : 10.0mm-127.0mm OD, 0.6mm-6.3mm thick, 30 tubes/min. max., 4m-12m tube length 48.1mm OD-219.3mm OD, 1.6mm-8.0mm thick, 8 tubes/min. max., 4m-8m length.