Stainless Steel Tube Mill

ss-tube-mill-small2We offer wide range of Tube Mills for Stainless Steal Tube forming for round and various profiles with the help of Turk’s Head. Tube Mills have set of rotary Turk’s Heads for precise straightness and roundness. These welded tube mills are available in different specifications as per customer’s demand.

Bright annealing Forming Mill comes with on line Bright annealing equipment gives bright annealed tubes for heat exchangers, food/ diary, instrumentation industries application.

Our stainless steel tube forming mill also comes with in-line bright annealing equipment and eddy current inspection equipment, inside bead rolling system.


  • Plasma + TIG welding system
  • 6M Welding Seamer
  • P+T automatic welding
  • Welding Monitor
  • Plasma Vertical Welder
  • Laser Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Bright Annealing Tube Forming Mill
  • Inside Bead Rolling/ Seam Polishing