SS Forming Mill*

We provide tube forming mill for tubes of ASTM-Sanitary tube ASTM-312 Industrial pipe,ASTM-149 head exchange tube,JISG-3468 lorge diameter pipe and etc.

Bright annealing Forming mill come with on line Bright annealing equipment gives bright annealing tubes for heat exchange,food/diary instrumentation’s industries application.

Our stainless steel tube forming mill also come with in line bright annealing equipment’s and Ready current inspection equipment,inside bead rolling system .

Technical Specification For SS Forming Mill

Model Driven/Idle Shafter Speed Thickness
HTM-35  35mm/30mm  15m/min  0.2m-1.0 m/min
HTM-45  45mm/35mm  7/3.5m/min  0.5m-2.0 m/min
HTM-55  55mm/40mm  7/3.5m/min  0.6m-3.5 m/min
HTM-65  65mm/45mm  6/2.5m/min  0.8m-5.0 m/min
HTM-80  80mm/55mm  7/2.0m/min  1.0m-6.0 m/min
HTM-100  100mm/65mm  3.5/1.5m/min  1.5m-8.0 m/min
HTM-125  125mm/70mm  3.5/1.5m/min  2.0m-9.0 m/min