ERW Tube Mill


We supplies modern HFIW SS & ERW Tube Mills with most advance entry section, quick changing mill section, variety of flying cutoff machines and accurate tooling to meet the stringent requirements of general engineering, automotive, cross country pipe lines, structural, boiler, heat exchanger and other relevant applications.

We also supplies various tube finishing equipment like End Facing, Threading, Straightening, Hydro testing, Pointing, Drawing & Automatic Bundling etc.

The Tube Mills are robust in design, employ highly efficient helical drive system and various levels of automation to suit customer’s requirements. The special shaping stands and Turks head ensure complex hollow section production with precise quality. Cutoff machine can be selected according to productivity & application like Metal Saw Cutoff/ Press Cutoff. Toolings are made of special tool steel to achieve maximum wear resistance and greater life.


  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Line speed up to 100m/min
  • Quick change raft type design
  • Driven Shaping stands for accurate shapes
  • Accurate cut lengths within + 2mm
  • Buff free tube ends
  • Electrics, Electronics and Hydraulics of world’s reputed manufacturing
  • Project engineering services
  • In-house software designing to suit customers requirements
  • Highly experienced team for startup & initial production assistance
  • Prompt after sales services
  • Easy available of spares