ERW Tube Forming Mill*

6 (Medium)

Technical Specification of ERW Tube Forming Mill

Model  Driven  Speed  O.D Range  Thickness
HTM-35HF  35mm/30mm  100/50m min  6mm~19mm  0.3mm~1.0mm
HTM-45 HF  45mm/35mm  100/50m/min  9mm~32mm  0.5mm~2.0mm
HTM-55 HF  55mm/40mm 100/50 m/min  12.7mm~50.8mm  0.7mm~2.5mm
HTM-75 HF  75mm/50mm  100/50 m/min  21.7mm~76.3mm  1.0mm~4.5mm
HTM-90 HF  90mm/70mm  90/45 m/min  38.1mm~114.3mm  1.0mm~5.0mm
HTM-110 HF  110mm/70mm  80/40m/min  76.0mm~168mm  1.5mm~6.5mm
HTM-130 HF  130mm/75mm  40m/min  88.9mm~219mm  2.0mm~8.0mm
HTM-150 HF  150mm/75mm  30m/min  139mm~325mm  2.5mm~10mm

ERW Tube Mill With

  1. N.C. Flying Cutter
  2. Strip Jointer
  3. Horizontal Accumulator
  4. End Facer
  5. ID Scarfer