CDW Plant Equipments


Pioneers in the industry, we offer CDW Plant Equipment such as Draw Bench and Hydro Tester from India.

We offer high technology, fully automatic, world class equipment for tube cold drawing plant.

Our equipment are designed for perfect quality, high yield and precise applications having a wide range in tube diameter, tube thickness, push / pull force and operating speed.

We Push Pointing Machines for pointing of tubes prior to cold drawing are noiseless and vibration free.

Having many advantages over the conventional swaging machines, especially in terms of considerable material saving due to its unique feature of making perfectly round concentric points by elongating the point length while reducing the diameter, hence improving productivity & material yield.

hydro-testerHydro Tester

Type : O.D. Sealing

Operation : Automatic PLC Control/Push Button Control

Range : 12mm-219.3mm O.D, upto 5000 PSI test pressure 0-20 seconds hold time, 3m-15m tube length.


  • Flexible point lengths
  • No loss of point in multi pass jobs
  • Fixed / rotary type multi sided gripper jaws
  • Common die for pointing and cold drawing
  • Special Software for Force Calculation
  • Automatic handling system
  • Machine Height Adjustable for different tube diameters